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Miasma - Godly Amusement

Good, but (mostly) superseded - 71%

robotniq, January 5th, 2020

I wanted to hear this demo because I was interested in what the oldest, rawest Miasma stuff would sound like. "Godly Amusement" doesn't add much to my appreciation of the band. If Miasma had never released anything else, then this demo might now be considered a 'lost gem'. As it stands, almost everything on here was done better on "Changes" (with a more powerful production, more distinctive vocals and better musicianship).

"Changes" is a flawed album, but its flaws cannot be glossed with the rawer production of this demo. All four songs on "Godly Amusement" were re-recorded for the album. They all sound good here too, but the album versions are better, tighter and more explosive (for three of the four songs, at least). The demo also has a more 'standard' old school death metal feel with less emphasis on the unhinged, occult sensibilities.

The most important difference relates to "Schizophrenia?". The version here is only six minutes long (compared with the bloated nine-minute version on "Changes"). I actually prefer this demo version, it is leaner and lacks the dreadful faux-organ intro. One other point of interest is the ease by which you can hear (and appreciate) the drummer's unorthodox style (“Melting of Imagining Existence” is a good example). I've not really noticed this on "Changes" because of the all-encompassing atmosphere that the album has.

One additional note is that there is a soft 'thud' sound repeated throughout. I don't know whether this occurs on every version of the demo. I wonder if this is a metronome which has remained in the mix by accident, or maybe a fault on the original master tape. Either way it is annoying at first, but you get used to it after a couple of listens.