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Completion in Science of Agony - 93%

BlackThrashAttack, August 9th, 2007

An industrialized blend of neurotic tremolo shredding and "one man army" style drumming, Weltherrshaft offers an 18 minute look into one possible future for black metal. Blasphemer and Hellhammer of Mayhem demonstrate a somewhat sterile mix of industrialized black/thrash metal that grabs your attention with insane timing changes, very technical shredding, complex rhythmic passages, and face melting drums.

The production quality is state of the art, guitars are razor sharp, bass has an excellent "oppressive" sort of sound, drums are intense with pounding double kicks, and vocals (in German) are usually spoken or chanted - often with some degree of industrial augmentation.

Riffs crash and recycle in neurotic shuffle rhythms with industrial blasts that range from white noise to high pitched electronic screams that add striking intensity. Songs are well written and become trance inducing with rhythmic irregularities and random timing changes that constantly "shock" the listener, making for a nail bitting 18 minutes of consistent high quality.

This is crazy... - 50%

paralyzedpiet, June 17th, 2006

This music is truly strange, especially from a lyrical point of view - the "lyrics" are in german, but do not make any sense at all. The word "Feuerzauben" does not even exist, in other songs the singer just yells "Verbeugt euch!" ("Bow down!") or "Weltherrschaft!" ("World Domination!")
Either somebody has a really weird sense of humor here, or it's just bad research.

The music is not too great, sounds a little bit like Mayhem on "Grand Declaration Of war" with a few more electronical gizmos and without the progressive rhythms that made the album so diverse and interesting. The vocalist more or less speaks, most songs' lyrics only consist of a couple of lines, though.

All in all, Mezzerschmitt are good for a laugh if you know German, but pretty boring if you don't. It's not pure shite, considering it's Hellhammer and Blasphemer working here, some parts did actually get stuck in my head, but this is only an EP - a full Mezzerschmitt album would probably be very hard to listen to without getting terribly annoyed.