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Giant's Cabin filled with great metal - 97%

Korpsegrinder, June 7th, 2005

It was just a lucky accident that i bought this great album. I was at our local music store and I was going to buy new cd but I didn't know which. Then I just accidentally looked and found Metsatöll's Hiiekoda (Hiiekoda is giant's cabin in english). I instantly knew that it is Estonian folk metal because it has that "estonian traditional heros fighting against monsters" scene in the cover of the album. And I wasn't disappointed. This album just rolls on like some gigantic machine with some unexpected traditional bagpipe and flute sounds. It is literally filled with estonian traditional elements from carefully selected places in estonia. propably most noticeable instruments are bagpipe, flute and kantele. And finally even one band has got that manly singing and traditional instruments combined painlessly together that many many bands have failed to do. It also makes this very "bombastic" feeling in this music and it sounds very natural and pure.
The reason why I don't give 100% to this album is simple: It is so damn long. nearly 70 minutes. but if you are patient and if you take some drinks and listen to this alone and in total silence, you must to enjoy it. I personally guarantee it. And of course, if you can't speak estonian or don't understand it, it makes difficult to hear the message, because they sing every poet and rhyme in estonian. You heard (read) right: Hiiekoda contains lots of traditional estonian poetry. but what else would you expect from folk metal band who takes lots of own country's traditional stuff to their music. very good album, I recommend this to everybody who likes folk metal. this is so good album that you CAN'T bypass this. propably best folk metal that you can find.