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Woo! - 80%

caspian, September 26th, 2007

As mentioned in my 'I Disappear' review, I recently stumbled upon a large amount of old tapes and singles from my very early high school days. Back then I was a huge Met fan (along with enjoying a lot of Nu-Metal), but not really having the money and/or financial discipline required to buy full lengths, I mostly bought singles. This single was the first proper piece of music I ever brought, and it still holds a special place in my heart, as it was the live version of 'The Prince' (I got Part.1 of this single) that really switched me on to to that aggressive style of music we call 'heavy metal'.

Indeed, The Prince is still one of my favourite Metallica songs. It's fast, it's got some great riffs and solos and back when I was 12 years old, well, James singing "And I will burn in He-ellll, from the day I diiieeeee-ah" just sounded REALLY EVIL. The good ol' twin guitar interlude in this song is pretty excellent, and while it's not exactly at a brutal death metal level of heaviness, it was freaking heavy back in the day and I still get a big kick out. Still, it's not all nostalgia that gives me a liking for this song. Sure, I know it's a cover, but it's still fast, aggressive and super catchy.

Of course, The Prince isn't actually the main song on this single, which is unfortunate. However, the other two tunes aren't completely balls either. Personally, I would've preferred Am I Evil over Blitzkrieg, but Blitzkrieg is still a pretty epic tune. The main riff is totally epic, and while it loses a bit in the bridge, it's another pretty sweet tune. Covers like this are a real reminder that Metallica borrowed a huge amount off NWOBHM- a lot of RTL sounds like this song. Well, at least I think it does. A sweet thrashy tune, regardless.

And then we're down to the worst song on the album. Whiskey in the Jar is hated by most people, which is probably fair enough. I have no idea what the Thin Lizzy version sounded like, but this is the kind of stuff most metalheads love to hate- a good times, hard rock/metal hybrid that sounds almost like AC/DC with heavier production and a much less annoying vocalist. Still, despite it's shallowness, it is, well, a good times, hard rock/metal hybrid. Don't listen to it with headphones in a dark room, because it will suck- but playing this tune at a party will work quite well. As mentioned by the other reviewer, the solos are indeed a bit sloppy, but that just increases the charm of this song- it's probably the first official song Metallica have ever done that could be classified as 'raw' (..excluding St.Anger, I guess.). Was it churned out in 30 seconds by Metallica when they were totally hammered? Most likely. But, I like it anyway, so there.

To conclude then, I love this single. I think the love is basically pure nostalgia, but while most people will be extremely by Whiskey in the Jar, I still think it's an enjoyable tune, the other two songs are great, and 'The Prince' got me into true, heavy metal so this will always have a special place in my heart.