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Terrible - 0%

Slasher666, October 24th, 2011

Metallica had made a new album with the incredible Lou Reed with the title "Lulu" and I looked at the cover and thought: "oh god here we go, St. Anger number three". Being optimistic, I tried not to judge the album by it's cover and I decided to dig deeper and find a preview of this album, suddenly news on the internet went around about a preview song known as "The View". Like every other fan out there who was starting to lack faith in the band, I gave the song a listen, in hopes of hearing something good because they have Lou Reed in their line-up and that Metallica had the chance of bringing back their thrash vibe and sound. I just wasted five minutes and seventeen seconds of my life and I'll never get that back. Is this single really that bad? I'll tell you something: yes it is! This song practically makes St. Anger & Death Magnetic musical masterpieces.

The song is played out like this:

It starts off with some really bad drum filler played by the infamous Lars Ulrich and then the instruments start coming in, despite that the riffs sound okay it doesn't help. Lou Reed is talking through some lyrics that sound like they've been pulled out of his ass, and as he's "talking" them out, Metallica is jamming in the background carelessly. The song goes on like this for a while and tends to repeat a little until the outro comes in with James Hetfield yelling out "I'M THE TABLE" over and over again. Yes, you heard me, that's it. No words can describe it further.

I thought St. Anger was the worst album they have ever produced, I guess I was wrong. This song really does give us "The View" on the upcoming album. To a whopping percentage of 99.9% of (former) Metallica fans, the game (meaning Metallica's future) is over. What the hell were they thinking? Personally, it could be the fact that they have no material or ideas left in their heads and just want to make money, because let's be honest, what else could they do for a living? Don't think this is an "Anti-Metallica" fan rant, it's not. I'm telling the absolute truth when I say: "don't buy this album!" because it's going to be a waste of money and your time. So if James wants to be the table, then I get to be the fan that's royally pissed off and disappointed! Metallica was my first metal band when I was 12, I own their first four albums and they were great even now. It just kills me that the band I spent a majority of my teen years listening to has finally broken apart into tiny pieces and I'm pretty sure it can't be fixed. All in all, this single wasn't great at all, it didn't make the cut. They weren't even there. My only advice to the fans, who still want to listen to this album/single, bring a gun and some earplugs.