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First CD I ever brought; of course it's good! - 75%

caspian, November 29th, 2008

Finding the scratched to hell cover and damaged single case (whatever they're called) of this a few months ago made me a lot happier then I should've been. Memories of being floored by this song on rage (Australian music video show, like MTV or whatever) when I was 10 came back; it's hardly the greatest song or single ever and features possibly the low point of Metallica's career, but alternatively it was the gateway to a whole new world of music, and it has the extended version of Outlaw Torn.

The title track/A side isn't too bad, basically a sign of what went wrong with the rockier Load/Reload tunes. The vocals are great and it's catchy as all hell, but the riffs are limp and the whole thing doesn't really have a lot in the way of balls and energy. At the time this was possibly the heaviest thing ever, however time has revealed that perhaps that isn't quite the case.

Anyway, the low point in Metallica's career, the tepid remix of King Nothing. To their credit it's not on an album, regardless it still blows hard. Horrible drum machines, terrible synths, a song that's not particularly good to begin with; it's awful on an unbelievable level. St.Anger sounds like Beethoven compared to this. Horrible, on every level.

Things are made a fair bit by the monster that is the full version of Outlaw Torn. The huge opening and main riff; the bass lines and soaring chorus; an amazing tune that I'm hoping one day gets the revisionist touch and ends up being counted as one of Metallica's best tunes. The build into the solo is some of the best stuff Metallica have done; it'd be sweet if they stopped trying to go back to their roots (even though the latest effort worked rather well) and released a bunch of long, strange epics along the lines of this one. The whole "extended" thing doesn't mean a good deal, just that the noodling at the end gets extended a fair bit.

If you're a Metallica fanatic it's probably worth tracking this down (and maybe the "first part", too) because it's got some relatively rare stuff; shame the newest singles don't have anything like this. Anyway, a decent single with 1 ok song, 1 shit song and a huge sort of epic thing; I certainly don't regret buying it back in the day, and if I saw it cheap I'd probably snap it up again.