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The former masters are returning! - 88%

skolnick, May 29th, 2003

Good!! Not perfect, not lethal but also not load or reload-ish, and that my dear friends, this is something we can only consider as being a true warning of the return of the former masters.

The song starts off like a fucking thunder hitting you directly in your head and cracking your skull apart!! The initial riffs and those heavily distorted guitars make you feel that these guys didn’t lost their touch after all these years, and we finally see Lars making a blast beat sequence in...Huh...shall we say 15 years??? IT'S A MIRACLE!!!
Then the song enters in some calm melodical interludes that although not being something really special, they are in some ways kind of listenable and enjoyable. The chorus is as aggressive as it gets, and you just can feel the power emanating from these guys again after so many wasted years!!

The only weak points on this one are the urgent need of a filling solo that didn’t appeared (and they had lots of space to infiltrate it) and the constant use of some of the parts of the song over and over and over again during it...

Well, this is not the "Master" or "Justice" Metallica, and certainly not like the crappy commercial stuff they've put out a few years ago. It's a new breed of Metallica, a new line - up and band with a sound of its own. I look forward to see this reborn baby walk its steps again into the throne of metal.

Oh, and start to open your minds and to realize that this is a band in evolution, not a "lost somewhere in time" kind of band, and for all effects, despite of some might say, this IS metal !! So... stop being so overly critical and puritanical, and go with the flow...Just listen, that’s what music is all about!! And don’t jump into rushed conclusions!!