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Fuck it all and no regrets! - 95%

nezzmarr, September 18th, 2008

St. Anger is actually first song I ever heard from Metallica. Or the first song was Nothing else matters, I don't really remember, but the important thing is I have got this nostalgic feeling every time I hear the song. Now before you start judging me, it was about 6 years ago and nowadays I know that there are better songs than St. Anger. Oh, and I am not any kind of Metallica fan boy, I don't own any of their CD's and neither do I own St. Anger, I just know the song.

Now about the music. The music is noisy and aggressive, and melodic at the same time. That's one of the main reasons why I like the song so much. The drums on the intro blast beat sound awesome, even the hated snare is not so annoying in this song, in fact the drums' „metal" sound (metal like iron, steel or whatever, not musical genre) suits the song perfectly. Acoustic part after the blast beat is quickly followed by far more aggressive part, and the shouts „You flush it out!" are just really cool.

Performances of musicians on this song cannot be judged separately because the song's main theme is anger, anger and once more anger, and all the instruments' plus vocals' role is to express it, and they succeeded in this task. Sure there are better guitar riffs, or better drummers or better whatever, but this song is supposed to sound like it does, and it suits it perfectly.

There is only one thing that destroys the songs' „Absolutely amazing!" status, and that is the lack of a guitar solo. I am not saying that a solo is absolutely necessary in a rock song, but it's really really close to absolutely necessary, and at the moment I can't remember any good song without a solo. But surely there are some. Hell, even Bryan Adams' Everything I Do has got a solo.

I really love this song, and the video is also pretty cool. But here on MA, there are so many "new Metallica" haters nowadays, and this song does not deserve it. And "Fuck it all and no regrets!" actually expresses what I was thinking about all this Metallica hatred when I gave the song 95 percents. It deserves it.