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at least it's metal - 65%

ironasinmaiden, May 29th, 2003

Hahah it's hilarious when metal fans try to appear disinterested in Metallica's new material. "durrrr I don't care about Sucktallica anymore, fuck 'em to hell". Bulllshit. You know and I know that St. Anger will be a hot topic in metal circles for the entire fucking summer and EVERYBODY is curious. The rumors and hearsay were almost too much torture to handle... will it sound like Entombed? Will it be a return to form? Is it gonna be nu metal?

Well... no, no, and no. St. Anger is difficult to describe since it's neither thrash or mallcore... somewhere in between? How about something entirely different? I admit I was initially impressed by Newtallica. The frenzied double bass and aggressive riffage is, well initially impressive. Unfortunately, St. Anger is redundant as hell and seeing the video on MTV2 ad nauseum surely doesn't help.

Most ardent metalheads don't know what to think of the song... of course, being under the influence of message board gomers will likely skew many internet metal fans' opinions. I judge with my ears and I'll say this: St. Anger is a baby step forward. It ain't Master of Puppets but it ain't I Disappear... one word review: tolerable.

My one gripe: how can you spend a year and half in the studio and sound like shit? The production on this song is awful... the guitars are up front during the verses, but recede during the chorus... and that drum sound...