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It's just not FAIR dammit! - 10%

alexanderthegreat, June 1st, 2003

Now, I've not been a metal fan for as long as many. I only got into it 3 years ago, but then again growing up in a small village that doesn't even have a cinema kinda leaves you sheltered to alternate forms of music. So, having missed the immense disappointment felt by most Metallica fans during the Great Metallica Sell-Out of the nineties, I felt I could be a little more objective. In fact, I went in a little of the reverse: After being unimpressed by Load, I heard the Black Album and was quite impressed. That impressiveness grew with every album I went back in time to, so I always had a smidgen of hope that Metallica would go back to a Ride the Lightning era. I had a tiny parrtical of hope that I could be a part of the Great Metallica Resurrection that I secretely wanted to happen.

If this single is anything to go by, I'm sadly wrong.

St. Anger is frankly, just not very good at all. Kirk Hammet was never a good guitarist, and I suppose the lack of a solo is a blessing, but he's still there in all his mediocrity. Lars is lethargic as ever in his... well, I could call it drumming but it's not even that. More like tapping a garbage can repeatedly. Well, at least he keeps time. Robert Trujilo has failed to make the bass much better, in fact it's LESS prevalent than in the Load album. The poor bass guy can't get a break. And James... what happened man? I mean, sobriety does change people, but I don't know how you could actually be a WORSE singer when off the wacky sauce. All in all, the performances are very tightly together, in that they're all equally weak.

The song itself is seriously backwards, the lyrics are just laughable. Calling up anger to set you free... Jesus, hackneyed as Linkin Park. Also, the rapping interlude and scream littered in the song (really, there's no better word) just make it unforgiveably shameful. YOU DON'T TAKE INSPIRATION FROM PRETENDERS, LADS. At least you ripped a few pages from good bands ones, don't come off as Korn rip-offs for God's sake. I really feel upset by this. All my life, I've wondered how people felt when they first listened to a new Metallica album, from the Lightning and Justice era. I guess I'll never get the chance. And yet, there's no need really. There are other bands out there that match and even exceed Metallica's work: Exodus, Overkill, and even their estranged brother band Megadeth. Mustaine's said to be making a comeback soon, I'd trust him to make good material more than Hetfield and company.

As they once sang in a final gasp at what they once reigned in, Sad but True.