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Who the shit are you kidding???? - 1%

UltraBoris, May 28th, 2003

Of course they're not back, this song is complete fucking rubbish. Okay, just because it doesn't sound like Load, and it's noisier and more distorted, doesn't make it any more worthy, or any more METAL.

This is about as metal as Nevermore or any of the post-Machine-Head modern groove bands... by that I mean most every modern script kiddie will think it's metal, but it sure as fuck doesn't make me bang my head like classic Judas Priest or Dark Fucking Angel. It may just barely sneak in under a fucking borderline classification thanks to historical revisionists that will accept anything with distortion as metal... but Heavy Fucking Metal, this is not.

Yeah... it's annoying, it's modern, it's core... it's complete shit. It's got whining, it's got repetition - oh my fucking god does this have repetition? It makes Virtual XI sound like an exercise in conciseness... and they can't even come up with new lyrics - "I hit the lights on these dark sets". You want to make me seriously believe that the songwriting squad responsible for this was NOT in a vegetative state after being hit by a train? Seriously - bacteria could come up with better lyrics than this one.

Okay, the song isn't completely bad... I mean it did get six points. That's because it starts off with a halfway decent groove riff that almost could have made a Pantera album, but then they get into that really fucking shitty clean section - oh man that makes the first half of One sound like mother fucking Darkness Descends... seriously, it's more weak and wussy than I Love the World (Anacrusis) - I didn't think that was possible. And the guitars are not nearly creative enough and the drums are too fucking the fuck loud. Oh and Lars still can't drum for shit - he just bangs over and over again on the garbage can... I mean snare, I guess.

Also, the song is seven minutes... it would be too long at two. I mean they have the stupid clean sections, and the stupid rap section (I busted out, I busted out!!) and there's that one riff that's okay but the guitar tone is complete shit when you really think about it.

Man, this is better than I Disappear, and that J Lo song or whatever they collaborated on, but other than that, it is complete shit. It's modern - complete fucking filth. The n00bs should eat this up, with their Slipknot and their The Haunted and all. Fuck Selloutica - they are dead. They just need to quit screaming and accept a fucking burial.