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Fucking weak - 0%

The_Tr00_Dudeguy, May 29th, 2003

Don't trust the reviews below this, this is a worthless song by a worthless band. The song opens up with a brief "menacing" undistorted Groove Metal riff, which slowly picks up just to become a laughable sea of fast paced directionless distortion a la modern Fear Factory. From there Lar$ shows his "mad skillz" and just bangs on a tin-can like snare for about 10 seconds. Yes, this cheesy barrage of noise is supposed to impress us. This shit is supposed to be their big "Thrash comeback". If you thought it couldn't get any weaker, the song abruptly switches to a clean section which sounds like a lost Load jam session (complete with Jaymez Hettfeeyld's boring crooning). As it moves forward we hear these incredibly stupid cries of, "It's bustin' out! It's bustin' out!" which seriously belong on a Korn album. After ten more seconds of James' moping, we hear Lar$' crappy snare again then some even weaker vocals from James. Then they give us a weak, whiney over-melodic chorus then...ugh, that shitty Fear Factory riff. More shitty snare drumming, then back to those wussy clean verses. The lyrics by the way, keep repeating over and over and don't change per verse. Anyway, the shitty chorus again then yup, that "heavy" break. James starts going on about how he needs anger to "set him free", then GAH! Fucking impossible!! James let's out this really fucking stupid Mallcore scream in the vein of Slipknot! "Set it FREEEEEEE!!!!". This shit seriously sounds awful. *Ahem* Then the stupid chorus, then finally this garbage ends at about 5 and a half minutes. This is seriously a pathetic attempt to win the old fans back. Anyway, a break down of the most important aspects of the song:

Guitar: Stupid Mallcore tone, no solo and like two (simple) riffs. Uncreative and very, very, very dumb.

Vocals: One of the worst aspects of this song is certainly the bland and rather laughable croons of James Hetfield. The cheesiness of his half country vocals is only matched by his retarded Mallcore screams.

Bass: Bob Rock's bass is barely even noticable. Not that it isn't audible but it's just basic, boring modern Metallica thumping. Just weak.

Drums: Lar$ has once again proved that he can't drum to save his pathetic life. He keeps hitting the same snares and cymbals over and over again. The tin can drumming gets very annoying, very fast. It's too damn loud too.

Lyrics: Stupid and repetitive. They sound very forced and probably don't mean anything. The verses repeat the same lines over and over.

Overall, a stupid borderline Mallcore song with no direction. This is an obvious and very forced attempt to win over the Thrashers. A very forced pathetic marketing ploy gone very wrong. They quite apparently tried to balance their Thrash sound (ha, this sounds more like System Of A Down than Exodus) with their modern Shit-Rock sound and failed miserably. If you like Mallcore and newer Metallica, then this is for you but if you were really looking for a good Thrashing then you should first MOVE THE FUCK ON and then refer to Overkill. Metallica will never come back and that's final. There is (and always was) better Thrash and Metal in general out there.