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Well, I like it. - 83%

Ncik, May 29th, 2003

No, it ain't like old Metallica, but it is certainly harder, faster and louder than the 90's material, so it isn't really like anything Metallica has done before. No, it isn't Nu-Metal either. Its got some nu-metalish elements, but they aren't prevalent enough to make it a nu-metal song. Despite what some say, there isn't any rapping, and the scream isn't particularly nu-metal either. If I had to define this, I'd call it metalcore.(which many of you consider to be nu-metal, or at least as loathesome as it) But anyway, all this definition crap doesn't really mean anything, so I'll get on to the actual song.

The one real flaw I find in this song, which is a fairly notable one, is that it is too repetitive. I like the riffs, but there are essentially 2 major riffs, one fast, metallicized punk riff and one between thrash and groove-thrash which has some variants. Other than a few fill-riffs, thats it. And, though I was concerned that St.Anger isn't going to have any solos, I gotta say, I don't know if a solo would really fit in this song. I also like the chaotic structure, and I also kinda like the bizarre, metallic snare drum.(though I know I am the only one in the world who feels that way.) The drumming is nothing fancy, but it's fast and driving with nice double bass passages. The lyrics are no good, but they aren't so bad that they bother me that much.

As I said, I like pretty much everything that's there, their just isn't enough of it. It should probably be cut to like 5 min, and the chorus riff needs to be replaced by 3-4 different riffs, not just one. But the repetition doesn't ruin the song, it just could be better.