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Fuck it all and no regrets! - 95%

nezzmarr, September 18th, 2008

St. Anger is actually first song I ever heard from Metallica. Or the first song was Nothing else matters, I don't really remember, but the important thing is I have got this nostalgic feeling every time I hear the song. Now before you start judging me, it was about 6 years ago and nowadays I know that there are better songs than St. Anger. Oh, and I am not any kind of Metallica fan boy, I don't own any of their CD's and neither do I own St. Anger, I just know the song.

Now about the music. The music is noisy and aggressive, and melodic at the same time. That's one of the main reasons why I like the song so much. The drums on the intro blast beat sound awesome, even the hated snare is not so annoying in this song, in fact the drums' „metal" sound (metal like iron, steel or whatever, not musical genre) suits the song perfectly. Acoustic part after the blast beat is quickly followed by far more aggressive part, and the shouts „You flush it out!" are just really cool.

Performances of musicians on this song cannot be judged separately because the song's main theme is anger, anger and once more anger, and all the instruments' plus vocals' role is to express it, and they succeeded in this task. Sure there are better guitar riffs, or better drummers or better whatever, but this song is supposed to sound like it does, and it suits it perfectly.

There is only one thing that destroys the songs' „Absolutely amazing!" status, and that is the lack of a guitar solo. I am not saying that a solo is absolutely necessary in a rock song, but it's really really close to absolutely necessary, and at the moment I can't remember any good song without a solo. But surely there are some. Hell, even Bryan Adams' Everything I Do has got a solo.

I really love this song, and the video is also pretty cool. But here on MA, there are so many "new Metallica" haters nowadays, and this song does not deserve it. And "Fuck it all and no regrets!" actually expresses what I was thinking about all this Metallica hatred when I gave the song 95 percents. It deserves it.

The measure of a flop. - 16%

hells_unicorn, September 26th, 2007

I’ve often wondered what the best way to measure the level that a particular album flops. Is it the lack of rave reviews, the bottoming out of sales after a brief run at the top (which can only occur with an established act, such as this one, in which case initial sales are based completely on anticipation) or perhaps the seeming discontent among the fan base? Although there would be a strong case to make that these all would rank at the top, my own anecdotal experience of how I came into possession of this troubled release takes the cake.

I had been giving guitar lessons at a store in my old home town in 2004 when a new student came in asking to learn some metal. When I asked what he was interested in, he basically stated “Anything but Metallica!” At first I was chuckled at the statement because I had seen the band as a joke in the aftermath of the Load/Reload debacles, let alone the classic soap opera that was the “Some Kind of Monster” documentary. However, about a month later he ended up donating some of his Metallica memorabilia to me; including some t-shirts, a poster from the Black Album era, and this single which none of his friends wanted.

I’ve come to see the fact that this low in Metallica’s story is underscored by the massive plummet in the resale value of all music associated with it. Not only that, but people actually swearing off the band and just giving away stuff from their better days, without any thought of the $10 or so thrown away in the process. And I am pretty sure that my own example was but one of a rather large amount, not all of which were older fans.

Basically this single is worth what I paid for it, not a damn thing. It is truly sad when you have 3 or 4 half assed remakes of Ramones songs (which any 12 year old can handle) as the highlight of a so-called release by a so-called metal band. James Hetfield’s voice has become so much a ghost of it’s former self that he can’t even put an inch of attitude into songs written for a singer with a 4 or 5 note range. Between the tinny high snare drum sound, the overloud cymbals, and the drastically bass ridden kick drum there is no middle to speak of in the drums, which was not the case with the original versions of these songs, which were recorded more than 2 decades before this was. The guitar tone is all mud and zero crunch; although not unheard of on certain grunge albums, it definitely clashes heavily with the punk genre.

Although the production of the edited version of this single seems a bit tweaked and a lot of the needless repetition has been taken out, “St. Anger” is still a flamboyant turd sandwich with zero meat. If you listen closely you can literally hear the diarrhea-like mustard of the cuisine perspiring from the strings of the down tuned guitars as they puke out half-assed emo-core riffs and occasional stops and starts. The tinny drums provide such a concentrated and revolting zing to the flavor that the stomach bug carrying victim who produced the mustard probably mixed the mustard seeds with wasabi sauce. Hetfield’s vocals are the soggy, rotten lettuce that is slightly more powerful than the zing of the drums with its putrid stench. And the moldy bread that holds this cesspool of noise together is the follow-the-guitar bass line provided by Bob Rock. And for you music video enthusiasts out there, we have a nice little side of rat urine drenched potato ends that appear in the form of 4 guys dressed in rap/rock apparel trying to look tough by playing to an audience of prison inmates.

The thought that anyone in metal circles can defend this pile of garbage is beyond my comprehension, let alone the idea that someone would assert that this would be a hot topic for any stretch of time in the positive sense. The summer after the LP was released it sold 2 million copies, most of the buyers probably either kids too young to remember the pre-Black Album era or old time Metalicultists who would follow James and Lars into a goat’s scrotum before criticizing their work. In the end, it seems that reasoning minds have prevailed and no one is ashamed to say that the Emperor has no clothes. Thank God!

It's just not FAIR dammit! - 10%

alexanderthegreat, June 1st, 2003

Now, I've not been a metal fan for as long as many. I only got into it 3 years ago, but then again growing up in a small village that doesn't even have a cinema kinda leaves you sheltered to alternate forms of music. So, having missed the immense disappointment felt by most Metallica fans during the Great Metallica Sell-Out of the nineties, I felt I could be a little more objective. In fact, I went in a little of the reverse: After being unimpressed by Load, I heard the Black Album and was quite impressed. That impressiveness grew with every album I went back in time to, so I always had a smidgen of hope that Metallica would go back to a Ride the Lightning era. I had a tiny parrtical of hope that I could be a part of the Great Metallica Resurrection that I secretely wanted to happen.

If this single is anything to go by, I'm sadly wrong.

St. Anger is frankly, just not very good at all. Kirk Hammet was never a good guitarist, and I suppose the lack of a solo is a blessing, but he's still there in all his mediocrity. Lars is lethargic as ever in his... well, I could call it drumming but it's not even that. More like tapping a garbage can repeatedly. Well, at least he keeps time. Robert Trujilo has failed to make the bass much better, in fact it's LESS prevalent than in the Load album. The poor bass guy can't get a break. And James... what happened man? I mean, sobriety does change people, but I don't know how you could actually be a WORSE singer when off the wacky sauce. All in all, the performances are very tightly together, in that they're all equally weak.

The song itself is seriously backwards, the lyrics are just laughable. Calling up anger to set you free... Jesus, hackneyed as Linkin Park. Also, the rapping interlude and scream littered in the song (really, there's no better word) just make it unforgiveably shameful. YOU DON'T TAKE INSPIRATION FROM PRETENDERS, LADS. At least you ripped a few pages from good bands ones, don't come off as Korn rip-offs for God's sake. I really feel upset by this. All my life, I've wondered how people felt when they first listened to a new Metallica album, from the Lightning and Justice era. I guess I'll never get the chance. And yet, there's no need really. There are other bands out there that match and even exceed Metallica's work: Exodus, Overkill, and even their estranged brother band Megadeth. Mustaine's said to be making a comeback soon, I'd trust him to make good material more than Hetfield and company.

As they once sang in a final gasp at what they once reigned in, Sad but True.

Well, I like it. - 83%

Ncik, May 29th, 2003

No, it ain't like old Metallica, but it is certainly harder, faster and louder than the 90's material, so it isn't really like anything Metallica has done before. No, it isn't Nu-Metal either. Its got some nu-metalish elements, but they aren't prevalent enough to make it a nu-metal song. Despite what some say, there isn't any rapping, and the scream isn't particularly nu-metal either. If I had to define this, I'd call it metalcore.(which many of you consider to be nu-metal, or at least as loathesome as it) But anyway, all this definition crap doesn't really mean anything, so I'll get on to the actual song.

The one real flaw I find in this song, which is a fairly notable one, is that it is too repetitive. I like the riffs, but there are essentially 2 major riffs, one fast, metallicized punk riff and one between thrash and groove-thrash which has some variants. Other than a few fill-riffs, thats it. And, though I was concerned that St.Anger isn't going to have any solos, I gotta say, I don't know if a solo would really fit in this song. I also like the chaotic structure, and I also kinda like the bizarre, metallic snare drum.(though I know I am the only one in the world who feels that way.) The drumming is nothing fancy, but it's fast and driving with nice double bass passages. The lyrics are no good, but they aren't so bad that they bother me that much.

As I said, I like pretty much everything that's there, their just isn't enough of it. It should probably be cut to like 5 min, and the chorus riff needs to be replaced by 3-4 different riffs, not just one. But the repetition doesn't ruin the song, it just could be better.

The former masters are returning! - 88%

skolnick, May 29th, 2003

Good!! Not perfect, not lethal but also not load or reload-ish, and that my dear friends, this is something we can only consider as being a true warning of the return of the former masters.

The song starts off like a fucking thunder hitting you directly in your head and cracking your skull apart!! The initial riffs and those heavily distorted guitars make you feel that these guys didn’t lost their touch after all these years, and we finally see Lars making a blast beat sequence in...Huh...shall we say 15 years??? IT'S A MIRACLE!!!
Then the song enters in some calm melodical interludes that although not being something really special, they are in some ways kind of listenable and enjoyable. The chorus is as aggressive as it gets, and you just can feel the power emanating from these guys again after so many wasted years!!

The only weak points on this one are the urgent need of a filling solo that didn’t appeared (and they had lots of space to infiltrate it) and the constant use of some of the parts of the song over and over and over again during it...

Well, this is not the "Master" or "Justice" Metallica, and certainly not like the crappy commercial stuff they've put out a few years ago. It's a new breed of Metallica, a new line - up and band with a sound of its own. I look forward to see this reborn baby walk its steps again into the throne of metal.

Oh, and start to open your minds and to realize that this is a band in evolution, not a "lost somewhere in time" kind of band, and for all effects, despite of some might say, this IS metal !! So... stop being so overly critical and puritanical, and go with the flow...Just listen, that’s what music is all about!! And don’t jump into rushed conclusions!!

Fucking weak - 0%

The_Tr00_Dudeguy, May 29th, 2003

Don't trust the reviews below this, this is a worthless song by a worthless band. The song opens up with a brief "menacing" undistorted Groove Metal riff, which slowly picks up just to become a laughable sea of fast paced directionless distortion a la modern Fear Factory. From there Lar$ shows his "mad skillz" and just bangs on a tin-can like snare for about 10 seconds. Yes, this cheesy barrage of noise is supposed to impress us. This shit is supposed to be their big "Thrash comeback". If you thought it couldn't get any weaker, the song abruptly switches to a clean section which sounds like a lost Load jam session (complete with Jaymez Hettfeeyld's boring crooning). As it moves forward we hear these incredibly stupid cries of, "It's bustin' out! It's bustin' out!" which seriously belong on a Korn album. After ten more seconds of James' moping, we hear Lar$' crappy snare again then some even weaker vocals from James. Then they give us a weak, whiney over-melodic chorus then...ugh, that shitty Fear Factory riff. More shitty snare drumming, then back to those wussy clean verses. The lyrics by the way, keep repeating over and over and don't change per verse. Anyway, the shitty chorus again then yup, that "heavy" break. James starts going on about how he needs anger to "set him free", then GAH! Fucking impossible!! James let's out this really fucking stupid Mallcore scream in the vein of Slipknot! "Set it FREEEEEEE!!!!". This shit seriously sounds awful. *Ahem* Then the stupid chorus, then finally this garbage ends at about 5 and a half minutes. This is seriously a pathetic attempt to win the old fans back. Anyway, a break down of the most important aspects of the song:

Guitar: Stupid Mallcore tone, no solo and like two (simple) riffs. Uncreative and very, very, very dumb.

Vocals: One of the worst aspects of this song is certainly the bland and rather laughable croons of James Hetfield. The cheesiness of his half country vocals is only matched by his retarded Mallcore screams.

Bass: Bob Rock's bass is barely even noticable. Not that it isn't audible but it's just basic, boring modern Metallica thumping. Just weak.

Drums: Lar$ has once again proved that he can't drum to save his pathetic life. He keeps hitting the same snares and cymbals over and over again. The tin can drumming gets very annoying, very fast. It's too damn loud too.

Lyrics: Stupid and repetitive. They sound very forced and probably don't mean anything. The verses repeat the same lines over and over.

Overall, a stupid borderline Mallcore song with no direction. This is an obvious and very forced attempt to win over the Thrashers. A very forced pathetic marketing ploy gone very wrong. They quite apparently tried to balance their Thrash sound (ha, this sounds more like System Of A Down than Exodus) with their modern Shit-Rock sound and failed miserably. If you like Mallcore and newer Metallica, then this is for you but if you were really looking for a good Thrashing then you should first MOVE THE FUCK ON and then refer to Overkill. Metallica will never come back and that's final. There is (and always was) better Thrash and Metal in general out there.

at least it's metal - 65%

ironasinmaiden, May 29th, 2003

Hahah it's hilarious when metal fans try to appear disinterested in Metallica's new material. "durrrr I don't care about Sucktallica anymore, fuck 'em to hell". Bulllshit. You know and I know that St. Anger will be a hot topic in metal circles for the entire fucking summer and EVERYBODY is curious. The rumors and hearsay were almost too much torture to handle... will it sound like Entombed? Will it be a return to form? Is it gonna be nu metal?

Well... no, no, and no. St. Anger is difficult to describe since it's neither thrash or mallcore... somewhere in between? How about something entirely different? I admit I was initially impressed by Newtallica. The frenzied double bass and aggressive riffage is, well initially impressive. Unfortunately, St. Anger is redundant as hell and seeing the video on MTV2 ad nauseum surely doesn't help.

Most ardent metalheads don't know what to think of the song... of course, being under the influence of message board gomers will likely skew many internet metal fans' opinions. I judge with my ears and I'll say this: St. Anger is a baby step forward. It ain't Master of Puppets but it ain't I Disappear... one word review: tolerable.

My one gripe: how can you spend a year and half in the studio and sound like shit? The production on this song is awful... the guitars are up front during the verses, but recede during the chorus... and that drum sound...

Awesome - 90%

SufferingOverdue, May 29th, 2003

It's been 6 LONG years since Metallica have put out something that hints at what their future sound is going to be, and I was very anxious about what they'd sound like. The reviews on Metallica websites sounded very promising but there's still no way to be sure without hearing it.

Upon hearing the groove riff kick in on this song, I had a feeling I'd enjoy it. The guitar tone is a lot heavier than the Load era's generally was, the drums sound a lot "busier" and the pace is definitely a lot faster. James' voice sounds somewhat like a cross between Load and the Black Album and Lars' faster drumming is somewhat like the 80s era but that's about as far as the comparison to the older stuff can go. What we have here is a totally new Metallica.

The song is quite punky in places, especially in the chorus, and generally has alot of energy. James shouts out "Fuck it all and no regrets" (also heard in Damage Inc) as a salute to all those who still can't get over the past 7 years in Metallica's career as St Anger blazes through several tempo changes. The ending part of the song sees James at his most aggressive in years yelling "Set it free!" before Lars shoots into more fast drum work.

Following on from the heavy intro is a very tame sounding clean verse, before going into a emotion charged and slightly "nu" sounding passage with backing vocals from Kirk, who sounds surprisingly menacing. The tempo changes mentioned in previous reviews are definitely present however don't be expecting anything like Dream Theater or Meshuggah because it's noway as abstract as those bands. This song dosn't follow a strict "verse chorus" scheme but parts of the song are repeated and it does have a structure of sorts.

I suppose the main disadvantage is the lack of a solo. There are areas where one could have been fit in, however I personally didn't really find that the lack of a solo took anything away from the song. Lars' snare sound is very tight and as mentioned elsewhere, does sound like a garbage can being hit. It will take some getting used to, however it adds an industrial vibe to the song which is very interesting. The production is pretty raw, very raw given that it was done by Bob Rock. Some would see this as a disadvantage but the raw energy it gives off is good enough for me.

Overall this new style might win back a few old fans but it seems most are already set in their ways to hate this song. It's a bit of a shame because Metallica are back making metal music, it may not be in the traditional or the thrash sense but it's just what mainstream metal sounds like in the year 2003. It's not hardcore, it's not punk, it's not thrash, it's not heavy metal - it's good contemporary metal. Roll on June 10th.

Bittersweet Homecoming..... - 45%

Dead_As_A_Door_Nail, May 28th, 2003

The title track to the new Metallica album is average at best. It beats anything off of Load and Re-Load, but it still comes nowhere near the Metallica of old. Sure, it's heavy, it's fast, it's metal. Yes, Metallica have returned to the style that they helped create and also neglected and ignored, like a middle child for so many years: thrash. Problem is, it's B-rate thrash. The riffs are weak and unimaginative, the don't grab you around the neck and compell you to headbang,the drumming is amatuerish and shows that Lars is rusty, as well as his overall weakness as a drummer. James' voice is better than it ever has been in years, thanks, in part, by James' high-profile sobriety. There are NO solos whatsoever in this 7+ minute song. This is a double-edged sword. Kirk hasn't pumped out a decent solo since 1988, so it spares us from his declining skill, but this makes room for boring, repetitive and useless instrumental breaks. The chorus sounds like something straight out of a Slipknot song, with shouts of "I'm Bursting out! I'm Bursting Out!" in the background over the main chorus, which really distracts from the song. There is also a nice groove part at the beginning, which is nice.

To put it simply, Metallica has returned to metal, however, it's a bittersweet homecoming. It's thrash that sounds like it's being played by teenagers who've only played their instruments for a year or so, with small hints of mallcore(nu metal) thrown in here and there. It's sloppy, underdeveloped but it is fast, heavy and has potential. So, welcome home ,Metallica. We missed you, but you need to clean up a bit before we fully embrace you again. You gotta try harder than this.

Who the shit are you kidding???? - 1%

UltraBoris, May 28th, 2003

Of course they're not back, this song is complete fucking rubbish. Okay, just because it doesn't sound like Load, and it's noisier and more distorted, doesn't make it any more worthy, or any more METAL.

This is about as metal as Nevermore or any of the post-Machine-Head modern groove bands... by that I mean most every modern script kiddie will think it's metal, but it sure as fuck doesn't make me bang my head like classic Judas Priest or Dark Fucking Angel. It may just barely sneak in under a fucking borderline classification thanks to historical revisionists that will accept anything with distortion as metal... but Heavy Fucking Metal, this is not.

Yeah... it's annoying, it's modern, it's core... it's complete shit. It's got whining, it's got repetition - oh my fucking god does this have repetition? It makes Virtual XI sound like an exercise in conciseness... and they can't even come up with new lyrics - "I hit the lights on these dark sets". You want to make me seriously believe that the songwriting squad responsible for this was NOT in a vegetative state after being hit by a train? Seriously - bacteria could come up with better lyrics than this one.

Okay, the song isn't completely bad... I mean it did get six points. That's because it starts off with a halfway decent groove riff that almost could have made a Pantera album, but then they get into that really fucking shitty clean section - oh man that makes the first half of One sound like mother fucking Darkness Descends... seriously, it's more weak and wussy than I Love the World (Anacrusis) - I didn't think that was possible. And the guitars are not nearly creative enough and the drums are too fucking the fuck loud. Oh and Lars still can't drum for shit - he just bangs over and over again on the garbage can... I mean snare, I guess.

Also, the song is seven minutes... it would be too long at two. I mean they have the stupid clean sections, and the stupid rap section (I busted out, I busted out!!) and there's that one riff that's okay but the guitar tone is complete shit when you really think about it.

Man, this is better than I Disappear, and that J Lo song or whatever they collaborated on, but other than that, it is complete shit. It's modern - complete fucking filth. The n00bs should eat this up, with their Slipknot and their The Haunted and all. Fuck Selloutica - they are dead. They just need to quit screaming and accept a fucking burial.