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Now THIS is a cash-grab - 44%

OlympicSharpshooter, July 16th, 2004

If you don't own the Unnamed Feeling EP, bump this is up about 30 points. It'd be worth getting for you.

HOWEVER, if you like me have both, you're probably feeling a little jipped. I bought SKOM without looking at the tracklist, and now I am feeling a little out of shape. They released the EP again save for switching the St.Anger tracks. This is really unacceptable. They don't have anymore exclusive live tracks? No out-takes or covers or unreleased songs?

No other release in their catalogue seems like a play for cash at all, but this, this is something that goes beyond. Selling this as a new release is pathetic and meanspirited. Shame on Elektra and you know what, shame on Metallica

Stand-Outs: None applicable, all of the songs have been heard before and you probably know what songs you really like anyway.