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One of the greatest songs of all time - 96%

avidmetal, December 20th, 2009

One is probably Metallica's most popular song this side of the black album. There was a music video made and this angered a lot of fans. This was the first time Metallica made a music video as it was inevitable. Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax had already done music videos before 1988. But still Metallica get all the criticism in the world.

The track starts off with the sound of machine gun fire and leads into a beautiful melodic intro. The track is lyrically about a wounded soldier who remembers his days in the warfield. Hetfield's direct approach to writing lyrics delivers all the evils of war seen through a soldier's eyes. The song starts off in a slow manner and gets progressively harsher as the song moves forward. Lars' drumming is at it's absolutely innovative peak here. His efforts here raised the standards of Metal forever. No wonder Ulrich's double bass drumming is so infamous. The so called "Machine gun riffs" kick in at about the middle of the song. The aggression is unlike any other Metallica song as Hetfield starts screaming the horrors of the aftermath of war with some of the heaviest and darkest riffs you'll hear in the background. The outro is one of the greatest and most memorable solos of all time, Kirk Hammett never topped this again, or even got close to it.

This is a permanent fixture in Metallica's live performances and for good reason. The song is aggressive as any other song is, without compromising on the lyrics and atmosphere. This is arguably the best track on the overlong "...and justice for all" and arguably one of the greatest Metal songs of all time.