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Vaibhavjain, June 26th, 2008

One. The track which is one of the best metal songs ever made and unarguably the best on the breakthrough album on which it appeared, “And Justice For All.”. Okay, first things first. This track had a music video made for it and lyrically it’s about a soldier injured during the first World War. Now about the song…

The tempo changes on this track are mind-blowing. If one hears just the intro and just the outro it will be impossible for one to believe that they are parts of the same track. The track has a slow acoustic intro with sound effects of a war waging on in the background. The acoustic guitars continue for a good part of 4 minutes and near the 4 minute mark the tempo starts increasing. Then straight from the 4:35 till the end of the track is the time that will change the way you look at metal forever. The machine gun riffs and the aggressiveness have to be heard to be believed. These 3 minutes are Metallica at its best and Lars at his peak. The lyrics of this track are as good as it gets considering the war theme. No wonder this track has become a fan favorite and is played on virtually every show Metallica has played live since its release.

The only reason I did not give this track a complete 100 is because of the bass which is hardly audible, but then again it wasn't very audible throughout the entire album but the overall awesomeness of the track both musically and lyrically more than made up for it's absence. "...And Justice For All" is my favorite Metallica album and one day I may review the whole here on Metal Archives, but before that day comes I just wanted to review one of my favorite Metallica tracks.