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Decent for what its worth - 56%

Metalli_Priest, October 9th, 2003

Well you all know what metallica sounds like with the orchestra - alright. but yeah, nothing particularly special, although it was unique. well, the three tracks on this single are pulled straight from the album and therefore sound EXACTLY the same. You won't find anything new as far as the music is concerned. The three tracks are 'No Leaf Clover' 'One' and 'Enter Sandman'.

However, what makes the single the least bit special is because of the multimedia items. A four part documentary informing you how this project was put together. It has many little interviews with the four members, including Michael Caman. I really like James' Harley!

yeah, anyway, Lar$ comes off as a pompious little shit as always. I think that he sees himself as some philosopher as hes always talking to the roof rafters, but alas, he is not. (the little fuck - i hate him)

anyhow, if you can find it, it is a cool addition to your metallica collection even though i dont pull it out at all. (kind of a dust collecter)

I have the Limited Addition Australian gold disk, although i do wonder how 'limited' it actually is....