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What a Piece of Crap - 24%

langstondrive, September 15th, 2003

So I now beg the question...why release the WORST METALLICA SONG EVER (after I Disappear) as a single? Why???

The song itself is simply awful. Terrible. Any negative adjective that you can think of describes this song. The premis is simple. A simple ballad from a band that has written many great ballads in their existance (Fade to Black, To Live is to Die, Sanitarium) fails in every aspect of the word. Rather than a power ballad like the others, we are "treated" to a country styled slow melodic ballad with James' self absorbed whiny lyrics. And guess what? Not only do you have to sit through this song, but there is TWO verisons of it on a 4 song single!! Wretched.

King Nothing follows. A live version, done fairly well. King Nothing is a pretty bad song as it is. A catchy bass riff, but other than that it pretty much sounds like something that Megadeth should have put on Risk (Which is why it fits so well with the rest of Load!). Avoid this one too.

If it was just Mama Said and King Nothing, this single would get maybe a 5. Maybe. However, Metallica throws in Whiplash, a thrashy old song from Kill 'Em All which is done surprisingly well live. A great song from Metallica's glory days. However, it isin't enough to make this single worth buying. Avoid.

Mama Said - 0/10
King Nothing (live) - 1/10
Whiplash (live) - 8/10
Mama Said (Edit) - 0/10