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Lords Of Metal Have Returned! - 86%

Drummerboy25, July 7th, 2014

So after 3 years Metallica has finally released some new content. And I must say, it does not disappoint! Sure, it's not Progressive and epic like Master Of Puppets or AFJA, but it has energy and passion not seen since Kill 'Em All. The song is quite good! It's a thrashy and youthful track. It's sort of a cross between Kill 'Em All and The infamous Black Album. The one thing about this song that annoys me most is that it's too damn long! Seriously, they need to trim it a little! Metallica has always been great with long songs (Ex. Disposable Heroes, Creeping Death, Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, And Justice For All) but this one drags on a tad bit too long. Aside from that, I have been very supportive of where Metallica has been going with their music ever since Death Magnetic (Despite what others say, Death Magnetic was amazing, but that's a whole other story.)

About the song itself, James Hetfield's rhythm playing is phenomenal like it has always been, and the riffs are powerful and memorable, (Especially that main riff!). Lars' playing is basic as always, but nonetheless effective, Kirk's leads aren't the best, but they still are quite good and enjoyable, and (sadly) Robert Trujillo's bass has been sidelined. Seriously, what does Metallica have against their bassists?? You can almost never hear the bass on any of Metallica's albums (even with Cliff!!) I still prefer Death Magnetic and the Beyond Magnetic EP over this track, however. I hope this marks Metallica's true return to form (As much as I loved Death Magnetic, it lacked a certain few things), a true return to form like Slayer's World Painted Blood or Megadeth's Endgame.

All in all, I can't wait to hear their new album (Which is taking them too long to make, stop touring and get your asses in the studio!!).