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Thrash-lite - 67%

BlackMetal213, July 12th, 2016

It's hard to write a long review for one single song, even if it does eclipse 8 minutes in length. So, I'm going to provide a fairly short review of the first new song Metallica has released since "Death Magnetic" came out 8 years ago, back in 2008. Metallica just loves to take forever to release new albums, don't they? Oh well, at least they aren't as bad as Tool! Anyway, this song was released a few years ago. Actually, two. It came out in June of 2014. Although I'm pretty sure I heard it on a live video in March of that year, before the band released the song digitally. I remember this because I was just about to leave for basic training and this was the last song I listened to before I left. So what do we get with this song?

Basically, this is a mix of the thrash metal sound the band played during the latter half of the 1980s, specifically with "...And Justice For All". It's lengthy structure and galloping thrash riffs can attest to this. However, it's not really pure thrash. It's not as thrashy as "Death Magnetic" was, either. This could only label this song as "thrash-lite" to my ears. It's thrash, but only barely. The main riff has that galloping sound but is very repetitive and when the song awkwardly slows down, it sounds like something Metallica would have written for some of the more mellow moments on their 1991 self-titled album or maybe even "Load." It's not terrible but really doesn't fit the song well. This nearly thrash-hard rock hybrid just doesn't sound complete and again, sounds awkward. It's almost as if this song suffers from a slight case of multiple personality disorder or something. It knows not what it is. Thrash metal, heavy metal, or hard rock? Oh well. At least the solo slays!

The drumming is what Lars was doing back in the 1980s. Very, very thrashy. This style of drumming was again heard on "Death Magnetic" after they pretty much ditched it back in 1991. Lars was never that great a drummer to begin with, and this is a well-known fact. Really though, this song sounds almost like a B-side to "Death Magnetic".

So, yes. This is a fairly thrashy song. It can certainly qualify as a thrash metal track in some parts but really, there is a bit of an unwelcome 1990s 'Tallica vibe to it as well. While it is better than a lot of what the band was doing in the 1990s, hopefully, the rest of the new album sounds better than this.