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Legendary - 97%

avidmetal, December 20th, 2009

The biggest difference in this set of DVDs is just how loud Metallica were back in those days, 1986-1992, Metallica were at the peak of their live performances, Within this box set, you will find 5 hours of the loudest metal you can hear since Motorhead in their prime. The crowd participation is unlike most other concerts, Metallica really get the crowd involved. James's Vocals were at their absolute peak. "Enter Sandman" and "Harvester of Sorrow" sound better than their studio album counterparts. "Sad but true" is the loudest and heaviest song they played in the san diego concert. The mix of the heavy black album songs and their classics worked very well.

The highlights of this album is an 18 minute version of "Seek and destroy" as Hetfield looks for someone in the crowd to scream for him, This kind of crowd participation is never found in Metallica concerts of today. "Battery" is fast as hell, Lars Ulrich in those days could pull it off. It's amazing how James can sing the lyrics and play the rhythm guitar at the same time for a track like Battery and Whiplash. He is phenomenal. Jason Newsted gets to sing like a maniac in the 91 version of Whiplash, He sounds great, much better than most full time vocalists to be honest. "Fade to black" and "One" add a lot of atmosphere to them, They sound even better than in the studio version.

There's a 20 minute solo given to each member of the band, Jason, Kirk, Lars. James and Lars even have a drum battle with each other with James almost winning. They perform covers of "breadfan" and "Am I Evil?" and they never sounded better. The best part is the Intro for "Am I Evil?", which really sounds evil. They perform fan favorites like "Master of Puppets" and "Creeping Death", further cementing their love for the fans. There are chicks flashing, people head-banging etc, Everything you could possibly hope for in a Live DVD.

Are there any drawbacks?, well, it could just be too loud and too long for the average Metal fan but for enthusiasts, This is one of the best you can ever find. Metal non-stop.