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What a song title, What a song - 96%

avidmetal, February 11th, 2010

....And justice for all had it's share of controversies, The death of cliff burton, The entry of the 'invisible kid', Jason newsted who was basically absent in the production of Justice. Metallica were heavily criticized for the production and the sheer length of the album, I can understand the criticisms regarding production but many half-balled metalheads couldn't stay awake for an hour.

Harvester of sorrow is almost a doom metal track, The track personifies many Sabbath-ish influences and adds a super-charged thrash metal kick to it. This was truly how metallica should've stayed after their first four albums. Personally, I think this is Lars's best drumming performance. The intro is extremely original, The guitars and the drums are in perfect harmony to create a very heavy thick intro. The build up to the main riff has a hauntingly melodic atmosphere to it. As soon as the main riff kicks in, You can't help but bang your head until it bleeds. The slow but irresistably heavy riff makes this one of the most original songs ever. Just watch the live performance back at 'Monsters of rock 91'.

4:10 - 4:42 is just pure mayhem, The awkward 'pause and resume' feel of the drums and guitars, Just promises to make your head and neck sore. The biggest strong point on this song is the lyrics, The vocal delivery and the conviction behind them. This was the last time hetfield really sounded his raw best before mellowing out on 'Load' and 'Reload'. Kirk's eerie solo in the song is one of my favorite solos and sounds like impending doom is to follow and remind me a lot of sabbath's stuff.

This is one of my personal favorite songs, The pummeling synchronization of the drums and the sharp guitars make this one of the heaviest songs of all time. The other songs on this single are 'Breadfan', Which is a very interesting cover of an old school song. This is arguably their best cover song, They transformed the track into a thrash metal monster of sorts in the middle section after the initial lyrics and riffs end. The cover of diamond head's The Prince' is a mixed bag, The riffs and the drumming no doubt sound better but hetfield's singing is not too bad, His vocal delivery in and around the 'singing' parts isn't that good. But it's still a honest cover of one of their biggest influences.

If you feel that '....And Justice For All' is a little too long and depressing for your tastes, Get this single, Which is arguably the best song on the album, Considering it clocks in at less than 6 minutes in length. If you really enjoy sabbath, Metallica or just really heavy stuff, You will not be disappointed by 'Harvester of Sorrow'.