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Ignore the first CD - 39%

UltraBoris, August 3rd, 2002

There are some worthwhile selections on this 2CD compilation, but the signal-to-noise ratio is quite low, as most of the first album, and even a bit of the second, is utter crap.

The first disc is all new stuff recorded in and around 1998, so one can only imagine the quality of the selections. Some of the songs begin questionable, and some end up butchered by James "Waylon Jennings Fan" Hetfield and friends. There are two Discharge covers, and a Mercyful Fate Medley (Metallica have always been big on medleys, especially live - apparently, they don't remember how to play a whole song!) Those are the highlights, the rest is pretty much commercial crap ("Whiskey in the Jar", "Turn the Page", and then "Tuesday's Gone", which is complete shit even by Lynyrd Skynyrd standards... where's fucking Freebird with its gonzo soloing? Oh that's right, Kirk can't play the part of one guitarist, never mind four).

The second disc is what makes this almost worthwhile, though it is probably far more rewarding to either hunt down the originals, or to really sock it to this band and get the songs on mp3! Disc Two is more a b-side collection than anything else, and thus omits anything that never made it as a Japanese bonus track, EP song, or album - therefore it is woefully incomplete. There are no jam sessions with Mustaine from 1982, the Metal Massacre I version of Hit the Lights is missing, as is the original Killing Time cover from 1982, and certainly there is no Let it Loose or Dirty Money (both Savage covers... Dirty Money was played live once in 1982, and no recording of it is known to exist, but that should not stop the band themselves from having and releasing a copy.) I could go on, a REAL compilation would be at least 3 CDs, and that is only the stuff I know of...

Overall, it's not bad, but it is definitely not as fan-oriented as they could claim. Yes, the Garage Days Re-revisited EP is here, but that wasn't all that rare to begin with... it's really yet another sellout effort, and not worth the $26 or however much a 2CD set goes for nowadays.