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Song in itself... at least decent... - 70%

WitheringToSerenity, April 1st, 2004

Unlike the majority of St. Anger, I find this song to be quite consistent with the exception of that tic-toc chorus. Just ignore that blemish, this is much improved from most of their really new material. Starts off with a fast, allbeit not overly great guitar riff and builds up pretty well. The drums arent half as irritating as most of the work. Would have developed better if they cut the intro a bit but the softer guitar tone for the transition riff worked pretty well. The second riff is very good for new Metallica standards. Verse is pretty standard, nothing overly interesting but it is catchy and leads to an interesting clean guitar riff(not the same damn riff) and great vocal melody when James sings "keep searchin".

It then falters a bit with the infamous Frantic-tic-toc-tic-toc line. I've learned to live with it somewhat but I'll admit its not that great and perfectly understandable people dont like it much. But thats not the only aspect of this song. Of course this song could be better, Metallica 6 minute songs without solo's can always be better. My point is that this song for the most part is catchy and even though not filled with excellent riffs and irresistable melodies, it still has some solid music and memorable vocal lines which is more than I can say for most of Metallica's new material.

My lifestyle...Determines my deathstyle!!! - 85%

langstondrive, November 6th, 2003

Personally, despite what others say, I really enjoy this song. While it doesn't exactly compare with Metallica's early work, it is still a great song in its own right. It begins with a really fucking cool beat with the drums, kinda like a machine gun. I do wish that this lasted longer, because it really is the highlight of the song. The little clean solo thing is nice, because it's kinda the calm before the storm, so to speak. After this, the heavy part comes in and kicks ass before the verse, which has a pretty straight-forward message. The tick-tick-tick-tock thing is really stupid, but that's about the only real fault on the song. The machine gun drums return once more, during the middle and basically the same parts are repeated over. The last minute of the song presents us with a really cool riff, until it comes to an abrupt, heavy ending.

This is my 2nd favourite song off the sub-par St.Anger, after "The Unnamed Feeling". The production does really lick balls and James is starting to lose it on vocals but still a good song nonetheless. 85 times better than the 1st single, "St.Anger".

Could they have picked a WORSE song? - 4%

Metalli_Priest, October 16th, 2003

Yes Adam, you were being a little generous with the points as this album manages to suck as much ball as an industrial sized vacuum. Frantic was the worst song off the St Anger album and how a something manages to that is beyond my comprehension. I’ve only heard the song a few times, so I wouldn’t be able to comment specifically on the individual parts of the song so I will only say: it sucks. That’s all you really need to know. It’s amazing what shoddy production, no talent and watered down ideas can create.

Oh, and the cover art sucks too. Just like with the album, Metallica use the same art for freaking everything. I’ve seen this image four times on new Metallica merchandise already and wouldn’t put it past them to do it another four times. The thing that bothers me about this image the most, however, is that it is missing two gigantic testicles in that big mouth. Green, angry angels; Crappy band logos; sucky ‘music’. The whole sad case just blows. It is laughable however; people still buy this shit, even though fucking a dead goat carcass would be more pleasurable, and I am sad to say, I am one of them. Fuck I hate myself….. ARGH!!!

This Single Signifies What is Wrong With Metallica - 15%

PowerProg_Adam, October 12th, 2003

I know there is pretty much no hope for Metallica anymore. Frantic has probably one of the worst choruses I've ever heard. "Fran tic tic tic tic tic tic tock", seriously I don't know how these guys thought this was a good idea. The lyrics besides the chorus aren't as horrible, but still don't lie on a continuum that even hardcore Metallica freaks can enjoy. The little distorted riff isn't all that bad, but there is no expansion on it as it is played over and over again throughout the whole song, which gets really annoying. I am being a little generous with the points, because at least on this single, it doesn't sound like Lars is beating on garbage cans nearly as much, but still the drumming lacks variety. I know that the St. Anger album has been bad-mouthed enough already, so I'll just leave it at that. If Metallica weren't so proud of this song, making a video for it, playing it on the mtv music awards, and on their mtv icon, then maybe they could pull their heads out of their asses and come up with something better, but until they do, I had advise against buying anything they'll put out for awhile.