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Hmmm... - 71%

Snxke, August 9th, 2004

This is probably the best little record the old farts of Metallica have released in some time now. Sadly, the title track of the short single release is a cover from the legendary Misfits. Metallica actually do a pretty smash-up job of hammering out the riffwork on this version - even if James Hetfield just can't nail Glenn Danzig's wonderful dulcet tones. Metallica pile through this with appropriate wrath, making it an interesting addition to what has been a weak (understatement) set of releases.

The other tracks are the typical Metallica add-on single dare with the live and unreleased stuff just sitting around looking for someone to slap it up on the b-sides. Nothing much to see here, unless you love the latest releases and want alternate versions to drown yourself in.

Metallica keep trudging on...even if they have no clue how far they've fallen in terms of preserving their legacy. This may have been a minor step in the right direction - but it didn't cure the fact that the heaviest song they had released in yers up till this point was a song they hadn't even written.