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Pretty Damn Cool! - 91%

langstondrive, September 15th, 2003

This showcases Metallica as the band that they once were, not what they have become. They achieve this through combining the perfect mix of old songs, new songs and stage antics in this DVD. The older songs are done very well (although they only play half of Master of Puppets and flow it into the not-nearly-as-good Enter Sandman. Am I Evil? doesn' t have the crushing intro that makes it what it really is, which really takes away from the rest of the song. The Bass/Guitar doodle is great, with My Friend of Misery being one of my favourite bass lines and Sanitarium being one of my favourite guitar riffs. Try to ignore the 4 songs from Load. The other songs overshadow them anyways. Fade to Black has a great outro and Creeping Death is done very well. They also take For Whom the Bell Tolls from Ride the Lightning, which is IMO Metallica's best work. They also do a few covers (Last Caress, Am I Evil?, So What). The Kill/Ride medley is great, too bad they couldn't have replaced the Load songs with full versions of these. Oh well, you can't always get what you want.

This DVD would be an 80. HOWEVER. I give it a 91 because of the ending. After Enter Sandman, the whole place turns dark and some guy just bursts into flames and James says "What the fuck!!?!?!" and the whole fucking stage collapses. After the mayhem is over, a few single lightbulbs are turned on (GREAT ATMOSPHERE) and they kick into Am I Evil? and Motorbreath. Great DVD. Expensive though....