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Metallica live - 80%

CrowTRobot, September 12th, 2003

Having never seen Metallica live before, I figured this DVD would be a good place to get a glimpse of the experience. This concert takes place at Fort Worth, Texas in May of 1997. Yes, this means that a good amount of the band's then-current material would be included in the set list, but they added enough classics to please fans of any era.

The opening number, their cover of "So What" starts things off with a bang. "Creeping Death" follows, and kicks major ass. The next few tunes come from the band's 90s stint, but when performed live, they outclass the recorded versions. "One", a concert staple to this day, is performed nearly flawless, with an early version of "Fuel" following. "Nothing Else Matters" and "Until it Sleeps" slow things down quite a bit, but no matter, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" picks up the pace soon after.

Before I go over any other songs, I would like to point something out. The band's performance of the actual songs is great, but their behavior in between songs is pretty idiotic. James is always ranting about how "Metallica loves you man!" and "It's time to fuck shit up!". It gets annoying sometimes. And they're always switching guitars during the breaks. Come on guys; let's act professional here.

Okay, where were we? Ah yes, "Wherever I May Roam" and "Fade to Black" are next, and performed quite nicely. A medley of songs from Kill Em All and Ride the Lightning is also included. I suppose this is okay, but it made more sense when they did that for songs from AJFA, since they were much longer. Oh well.

The second disk concludes the affair, with a cover of "Last Caress", an incomplete version of "Master of Puppets", "Enter Sandman", a cover of "Am I Evil?" and "Motorbreath". Overall, a good set list, but the gimmicks are very half-assed. They could have done without the flaming stuntman running around, or the stage structure collapsing.

Extra Features include interviews with fans, interviews with the band and interviews with the stage crew and technicians. Maybe a few music videos or something would have been nice, but I'd say I got my money's worth.