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Retreading the past - 77%

The_Philosopher, August 2nd, 2003

This dvd tells the story of how the infamous Black Album was made. There's not a lot new here, save for a few stories. Basically, it just goes over how the singles of the album were recorded, and how they were written, etc. Basically, if you've seen Part One of A Year and a Half in the Life of... you know most of the story on the making of.

The only new thing here is in the extra features. This showcases James and Lars talking about the pre-porduction of the album, how they recorded the demos and where, etc. We get to hear some parts of those demos. We also hear the alternate version of Nothing Else Matters titled "the elevator version". We also hear some backstory on how they rushed to finish the album, and how Bob Rock knew he should work with Metallica.

If you've seen past Metallica documentaries, in particular, A Year and a Half...then there is no need to view this DVD.