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caspian, June 8th, 2010

All Nightmare Long is the best song off the new Metallica by a long way and I wish they'd released this song first, as opposed to the first two tracks we had the pleasure of hearing (Cyanide shouldn't even exist.. why play it live first?). Whereas most of the album succeeds at a certain extent in bringing back "the old days" and all that shit, this song iny my not-very-humble-opinion is a genuine Metallica classic that can hang around with the best songs they've ever done.

It's in the long thrash style but perhaps a bit more fierce then anything of that ilk off Justice. Key changes, a really, really nice solo section complete with one of the best riffs Metallica (and thus by extention, everyone) has ever done, a very satisfying chorus, main riff and false ending. It's long but whatever, it's a really good song. By far the best song they've done since AJFA. Probably some of James's best lyrical content off the new release as well.

In my version the other songs are Blackened and Seek and Destroy. Competent enough live versions, I guess; James's fairly high current voice works fairly well other the first one, which will always be a favourite song of mine; meanwhile, S&D is a boring, pointless slog, always has been, always will be. Nothing new there.

Worth owning? Not really, but I'd say if you find it cheap and haven't heard the new album yet then you'd be well off giving it a listen. In general the new-y has it's dips and troughs, but it also has it's peaks. ANL is a really, really good song. It's that simple.

Postscript: I don't have the DVD version of this, but i'd definitely recommend youtubing the video. It's a bit of an unusual one for Metallica, no band footage, just a strange, old-horror inspired "documentary" that's good watching and fits the song nicely.