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A good video and worth getting! - 84%

Wez, February 27th, 2004

I like this video, just two versions of the "One" song, with an introduction by Lars Ulrich. It's not too expensive which is a good thing since this video is just about 20 mintues in length. The introduction is neat with Lars explaining all about the ideas behind the song and the making of the video itself. The first version of the video, is the band playing the song in a warehouse intermingled with clips from the film on which the song was based. The whole thing is very dark and affecting, and leaves an impression on you, and hammers home the messages of the song. The clips from the film really tell the story of the song with the soldier in World War I blown apart by a landmine and kept alive despite the fact he cannot speak, see, hear or move, and wants nothing but to die. Very gloomy and depressing overall really, but that's what it was meant to be! I find I like watching this video a lot despite the depressing and sad imprint it leaves on you afterwards.

The band calls the next version the "Jamming Version" which is basically just them playing the song in the warehouse without the film clips. The song is also shortened by a few minutes too. It's not quite as good but it isn't bad either. It was basically done as an edit in case music channels wanted a shorter version or something and the band doesn't think much of it. It's probably just on there to make the video longer and worth shelling out money for. I think this is a good video, and the introduction and end bit with Lars talking about it is cool. Go and get it if you can find it cheap! I don't know how available it is, but it shouldn't be too hard to track down, might become a collectable some day.