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Concept taken to it's logical and musical peak... - 82%

Bohemian_moomin, May 11th, 2006

...and now it's time for Metalium to move on. Across 5 albums released by this German power metal outfit, they have written some truly great songs, and touched upon some fairly interesting ideas (IMO Chapter Three and this one are tied for best concept).
However. This album, upon reflection, is a little unnecessary. In the same way as Rhapsody, Metalium have taken one concept to it's natural peak, and now the big question is whether or not they will try and squeeze one more album (please god no) from this idea.
Anyway, back to the album in question.
The album couldn't begin any less promisingly. For fuck's sake. Metalium, if you are reading this, which you should be: GET A NEW NARRATOR! I mean what the fuck??? "Now, humans, are killing their OWWn Speeshy Ezz"
Power Of Time, following the trend of all previous metalium albums, is the strongest single song on the album. Yadda yadda.
Demons Of Insanity is the "Break the spell" of this album. Catchy and with a great chorus; good stuff.
And it goes on. There really is no point going through the rest of the songs because, if like me you own all the previous albums, they will all be familiar to you. I respect the fact that Metalium have tackled such a 'big' and 'real' issue with this album, full credit to em, but the songs are generally too samey.
Metalium's first album was the fastest selling metal album of 1999. If they are to build on this success, they're going to have to try something different in future.
If you're interested in Metalium, you only really need one, or maybe two albums. This, and the first, are IMO tied for best. I got all their albums because I saw them play at Bloodstock 05 and was hooked on their catchy songs, excellent performance and great synergy. There is no doubt in my mind that Metalium have the POTENTIAL to be one of THE big metal outfits in the world today; whether they will capitalise on this potential remains to be seen.

Pro's: Great, catchy and heavy music. Interesting concept.
Con's: Too similar to earlier works. Awful narration.