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Depression / Mesrine - 95%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

After a haunting intro of whispers and growls we're thrown into the meatgrinder, and get served groovy-as-hell death metal/grindcore. Just what we're used to from Depression! We're also used to these vermin's giving us a cover song. And this time we get Behram from Mesrine, I Spit In You Grave from Kai's old band Gods of Grind, and something quite unusual... Have you ever heard a growled death metal version of a Turbonegro track? Well try out Hate the Kids then, Turbonegro have never sounded better. 'Nuf about the cover stuff. Brutal, awesome grinding with some heavy-as-fuck death riffing. Dual growling and insane back up screams. In Just A Piece Of Flesh Depression also tries out some heavy sludge/doom metal stuff. Comparable to Grief, Corrupted and Worship. Bow I gotta tell ya, they should definitely start a side-project to concentrate more on stuff like that, 'cause it sounds fucking awesome! This entire side is just bloody killer!

On the flip side we have the grinding Canadians Mesrine, as you all probably know used to be known as Dahmer. And just like Dahmer they concentrate on writing about serial killers and mass murderers. They should probably be running out of inspirational murderers soon, considering that as Dahmer and Mesrine these guys have released tons of records. Well, lucky us people keeps on killing then, hehe. Anyway... Heavy, brutal and absolutely murderous mincing grindcore with dual vocals - Screams and growls.

A wicked split, this one!

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