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Oh man.... OH MAN!!!! - 90%

PazuzuZlave, December 14th, 2004

How can we go wrong here? With Hypocrisy, putting out one of their best songs ever, and Meshuggah putting out their best song EVER, we have a true classic. A short one, but still classic. I had never heard of this split album before I read about it here, but I'll sure track it down somehow.

Hypocrisys' "Roswell 47" is a midpaced metal song with great melody and Peters' ultimate thoughts. The most interesting, however, is how Peter got the guitars sounding so fucking crunchy. I mean, right off from the start, as the first powerchord can be heard, it hits you how much time must have been given to mix the guitars. I have never heard anything like it. The song itself is catchy as hell, and you soon find yourself nodding along, and later, headbanging along to the powerful drum- and guitarcoordination. It sounds quite the same throughout the whole tune, but it really works. Great!

Meshuggah offers "Future Breed Machine" from their album "Destroy Erase Improve", and it's easily their best effort ever. It has been said that they have the greatest drummer on earth, and I must confess... Thomas Haake is one bastard behind the drumkit. At times, you don't understand half of his technique, and at other times, you find yourself gazing with your mouth wide open at his blizzardfast tempos. The drums don't follow any structure for the most of the time, making it sound weird, but very VERY good. The guitarsound is powerful, but they could have been higher in the mix. They have successfully completed their mission (which is future mechanical takeover if you believe the lyrics), as the vocalist sound like a death-metal-robot. He doesn't have any melodies nor does his shrieking sound like your average death metal singer. He rather lashes out, giving all he can to make sure evolution will stop :)

All in all, this is a perfect effort from both bands, and sadly, I don't think we ever get to hear any of them at this highpoint never more.