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Great EP, worth the price - 90%

langstondrive, July 4th, 2003

This is an EP that was released after Destory Erase Improve. It contains Sane (which would appear in a different form on Chaosphere), 3 versions of Future Breed Machine (the best tech-metal song ever) and 2 strange techno pieces.

First of all, I don't *ever* listen to the techno songs, so I won't really count them in part of the review, except to say that they are what is stopping this EP from getting a 95. Sane is a heavy motherfucker of a song, which consists of the typical Meshuggah screaming and the techincal riffage with a cool chorus to boot. Next up is Future Breed Machine (live). Not much to say about it, other than that it is amazing (just like the album version). They do it perfectly live.

Ok. Hold your breath. The next song (Future Breed Machine (Mayhem version)) gets my vote for the heaviest song ever. EVER. PERIOD. Basically a long SLLOOWW version of the original, with a few different riffs. The difference is the singing. WOW. I bet Jens' lungs were plastered on the studio wall after that one.

The next song is FBM (Campfire Version), which is good to listen to as a joke. Very well done.

Overall, this is an excellent EP, with the 3rd track being worth the entire price of admission.