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A Worthy Purchase - 90%

Nicodemix, December 4th, 2004

This six track EP from Meshuggah is quite an interesting piece of work.

First track on the EP comes from their (then upcoming) album "Chaosphere". Sane is a typical Meshuggah song with extreme detuned riffs (I think its down to G# on this one), Jens Kidman screaming and howling at the air as usual, odd rhythms... Nothing really unusual about this one.

Second track is a live cut of their single from Destroy, Erase, Improve "Future Breed Machine". Awesome on the studio version and it is replicated flawlessly live.

Third track is a remix of Future Breed Machine dubbed the "Mayhem Version" This version is much slower and more sludgy than the original, and Jens is giving 110% with his vocals on it. Altogether it is very brutal and extremely heavy.

The next track is the reason why I bought this EP. In typical Meshuggah style humour the guys from the band recorded a "Campfire mix" of Future Breed Machine with accoustic guitars and called it Futile Bread Machine. The lead vocals sound like Jens is on helium. Hilarious stuff and this makes it worth the purchase alone.

The last two tracks caught me by surprise because they aren't listed on the back of CD. Basically Meshuggah made two electronica/techno pieces about six minutes long each and added them to the EP. In my opinion they're actually quite good, but I can see that a many "metalheads" would not apprieciate them.

Overall: Worth the purchase, but only if you're in it for the funny antics and you have an apprieciation for the techno. Otherwise I'd feel that someone would be hard pressed in justifying spending $12 for a song which you can get on the studio albums and 3 versions of the same song + 2 experimental non-metal pieces.