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Very good polyrythmic album - 90%

Numquamperibo, March 16th, 2005

I think the best way to look at this cd is in the context to which the band wrote it. there is no bass player on this cd they used eight string guitars, also, they are a rhythmic band, its not thrash anymore they did away with the thrash elements, which in my opinion made the music more mainstream (like we need anymore Metallica rip-off bands). Most of the complaints people levy against this cd pertain to things such as repetition, but its only repetitious to those who don't listen carefully. Another complaint is the cd is "easier" or less complex, which is untrue, this album is very complex probably moreso than what they did in the past, its the natural progression of things you can't expect a band to continue to release albums that continue to use the exact same elements their previous works used, you'd probably find another reason to complain then.

The album itself is slower, and as previously stated their really no thrash elements in this piece. The lyrical themes are basically the same, however lyrics seem to have always taken the backseat in meshuggah's work. The guitar parts are weird, really weird, the rhythms are becoming more and more complex (which is a good thing, if you have the patience to understand), the meter is odd and the solo's compliment nicely. There is more of a jazzier element to the album, particularly as it pertains to solos, listen to closed eye visuals to get what I mean.

In conclusion, the best way to listen to this music is to realize its an opus of complex rythmns, and has nothing to do with melody. Quit judging Meshuggah based on their past works and judge each piece individually. Patience is imporant, I didn't like Meshuggah the first time I heard it (thought it was all the same) but after I opened my ears, the music began to make more sense. The band intentionally dropped many of the thrash elements from their music to make way for the more intense and intelligent beats to be brought into the foreground. If thrash elements had been added to this album, it would have been a wishy washy mess. This is the new evolution that is Meshuggah and it is a welcome change in my opinion.