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Meshullica - 85%

The_Ghoul, January 13th, 2013

If I had to summarize this album in one sentence, it would be: This sounds like Contradictions Collapse plus Metallica. Now for those who already detected a little bit of Hetfield in Kidman's voice on Contradictions Collapse, on this demo Kidman sounds like a swedish Hetfield. A good chunk of the riffs are clearly Metallica influenced, and one song (Sovereign's Morbidity) sounds more like Metallica than it does Meshuggah. A good chunk of this is the fact that Hagstrom was yet to be in the band (As was Haake), which were two big cornerstones of Meshuggah's sound. Kidman is both on guitars and vocals here, and the feel is definitely different.

Having described the sound a bit for the reader, I must ask this question: Is this any good? Well, all three songs are fun to listen to, that's for sure. Cadaverous Mastication was later re-recorded on Contradictions Collapse, and it's clearly the most "proggy" of all 3 songs here. However, all 3 songs are a delight to listen to, and present to me a Meshuggah before chugging, before downtuned guitars and atonal riffs. This is Meshuggah when they were simply thrash, not post thrash. So expect elements of their future sound (jazzy interludes, Thorendal's soloing) but this is pretty much 80's thrash with the exception of those elements I mentioned. So for those interested in hearing an 80's thrash version of Meshuggah, enjoy Meshullica.