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Meshuggah - Koloss - 35%

trollhammer666, October 14th, 2012

I have never anticipated buying an album more than when it came to this one. For all the hype behind Koloss, for how much of a huge Meshuggah fan I am, for the four year wait between this and ObZen, what an overall depressing feeling it was listening to this for the first time. I thought my first impression would be something like my brain rapidly becoming clouded because of hearing such destructive and decimating track after track, but instead I was just shit on...on my face. The disc itself even looks like a zoomed-out rip-off of the Catch Thirtythree disc which, by the way, if you haven't heard that album, go get it instead of this one.

If you were expecting anything like ObZen, don't look here. Koloss sounds like Meshuggah went back a step or five or six. There is a feel to this album where you can't tell the songs apart, which makes it extremely hard to pick out parts you enjoy or dislike about the album. There is way too much repetition throughout the album, all the songs have the same feel to them, they all drag on and most have this sort of "bad live recording" distortion sound to them. For the most part all the instruments merge together to form a solid black wall of hard-hitting noise.

Koloss has such massive lack of excitement that just killed it for me. Most of the songs are slow and will make you either yawn or angrily press skip. There is no fast-paced vocals and for being Meshuggah, the gods among men of technicality, there is a monstrous absence of it. There are one or two songs worth mentioning, but I won't, so go find them out on your own because I will never remember the names of them and maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of it. There is a song called Swarm that people rave about, but it is no greater than anything else on the album. I guess the best part of the album is if you do enjoy Jens' vocals on other Meshuggah releases, he does sound exactly the same on this album.

So basically the whole time listening to this, if you're anything like me, you'll be going "what the fuck went wrong here?” There are weird "solos"(?) that sound like broken keyboards stuck on repeat. While still a heavy album, there is either absolutely way too much going on or nowhere near enough. It's a shame when the album itself looks better than the music stored inside. To a new and better future for Meshuggah, here's hoping.