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Djent can fuck off. This is where it's at! - 95%

DomDomMCMG, March 26th, 2012

So here we have Meshuggah's seventh album, Koloss. After how outstanding obZen was, you'd be forgiven for expecting Meshuggah to even match it, let alone surpass it. However, I believe they have surpassed it with this. While thousands of bands either embracing or wanting to disassociate with the djent label are ripping them off, Meshuggah are showing that they are the masters of the style and why the legions of mediocre clones should just give up.

Starting with the slow paced groove filled track "I Am Colossus" which is a strong opener, before going into the considerably faster paced "The Demon's Name Is Surveillance", the band have made an album equal parts slower chugfests and faster. The equal mix means you won't feel like you're hearing the song being played over and over. Jens Kidman's robotic bark is still an integral part of Meshuggah's sound, while the memorable jazzy solo work adds a touch of excellence to the whole thing. Tomas Haake is yet again showing why he's one of the best drummers in metal today. His performance in tracks like "The Hurt That Finds You First" and "Demiurge" are really spectacular. Those ambient passages you heard on Nothing and obZen are still here, the outro to "The Hurt That Finds You First", the intro and outro to "Demiurge" and the entirety of closer "The Last Vigil" being prime examples.

Meshuggah have really outdone themselves here. This is a truly excellent piece of work, and will probably be the album of 2012. Fans of the band will likely love this as much as I do. The detractors will likely not enjoy this much, as it's not anything particularly new, but in the end that's not a bad thing.

Highlights: Demiurge, The Hurt That Finds You First, Do Not Look Down, The Demon's Name Is Surveillance, I Am Colossus