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Erh how about not so great, Kolossians. - 65%

CharlyDeranged, May 3rd, 2012

How can you not love such an amazing album? They ask. This is Meshuggah's best work yet. I elaborate as to why I think differently; never in my life have I anticipated an album as much as I have for Koloss. So I got the album and naturally listened to it, expecting to have my jaw dropped down to the ground instead I was left unsatisfied and rather disappointed. I have only been listening to Meshuggah for a few months having come across the single "Bleed" whilst searching for another band, taken aback by Meshuggah, I had to do some heavy research and possibly listen to more of their songs. My denouement, ObZen is truly more of a powerful album than Koloss, ObZen, which was rather heavy and possibly Meshuggah's best album in my opinion.

Koloss has ten tracks, only liking three... Them being; I am Colossus, The Demons Name Is Surveillance and Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion. Meshuggah is a rather complex band and possibly not everyone's favourite cup of tea. But really, what the hell happened here? I was expecting more or less the same brutality I heard in ObZen, Chaosphere and Nothing. To me it seems as though the songs were quickly done and merged in a way that the band made sure that they will be entirely different from their previous albums but that's alright and that is not the problem at all. I have never had a problem with bands changing their sound and nor am I saying that Meshuggah have changed their sound but the saying "job well done" cannot be said for this album. It is as though they couldn't wait to evade from the studio and go out and play live gigs and have yet another album done next to their name. Koloss lacks something, more energy perhaps? Again, sheer brutality? It is always a good thing to listen to an album and be hooked from the beginning until the end and not be left dissatisfied. Meshuggah is a great band with amazing talented artists who I feel could have disembogued their heart and souls out on this album, I suppose that is the one thing that frustrates me about this record, it has killer songs but you get the inevitable feeling of boredom halfway through them. Behind The Sun, Marrow and Do Not Look Down can be placed under that category.

This album is not the "right" album to give to a beginner who has never listened to these Swedish guys and would love to try them out because I am almost certain they will rebuke it immensely. I can only hope they will not disappoint with their future albums or I might as well disown themnow.

Originally written for Sputnikmusic