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Meshuggah > I Am Colossus > Reviews
Meshuggah - I Am Colossus

Boring - 25%

McTague97, November 25th, 2014

I'm sure we've all heard of Meshuggah since this is a review of a Meshuggah track and let me tell you, this band has made some stuff I loved and stuff I hated. This falls into the second category. It was bland, hard to listen to.

I can't say this sounds like everything else they've made from personal experience because I haven't listened to much but if the descriptions I get from friends and fellow reviewers have any accuracy then it does sound like everything else they've made.

Sort of driven by something that is half chugging and half groove in the guitar department. Its a really simplistic, repetitive and boring riff, it did not hold my attention at all meaning I had to listen through multiple times to make sure I wasn't missing some crucial part. It was too rhythmic, I mean Dimebag on a bad day could write riffs more melodic and technical then this and still keep his signature style. It was literally rhythm and nothing else. One thing done over and over for the whole length of the song. This same description can be given to any of their performances and still apply perfectly. I pretty much learned that you can skip from one part of the song to another without it seeming like you've skipped much and I learned that after multiple listens it still failed to grow on me.

So instrumentally it seems like a flop, what about vocally and lyrically? Vocally its Kidman's (I believe that's his name) rough barks, which he matches up with the guitar rhythm, oh my god even the vocals are pure rhythm. The lyrics are pretty cool, but lets be honest, lyrics are but a small piece of a track, arguably the least important. (I actually think a song's meaning is very important and I like lyrics that are expressive or good storytelling, but point being not everyone feels that way)

Its not all bad though, while the guitar's performance was boring I thought it sounded cool. Most people say its way too processed with too much gain or something to that effect but I thought it sounded pretty cool for the first 20 seconds but without a changing riff or a solo to break the monotony it became stale.

I understand there are some very technical and progressive elements here (polyrhythms) but they only stand out to the musically trained. They also do not excuse the fact that it was boring. Did I mention it was boring already? Because I just don't feel I can emphasize that enough.