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Repetitive and tedious to the extreme - 15%

linkavitch, March 22nd, 2009

Let’s face it; Meshuggah isn’t the most creative band out there. Better yet, Meshuggah isn’t even a good band. Now what we got here is a 21 minute song titled “I”. Yet in the entire 21 minute running time of this song, they don’t do anything that sounds different than any of their other work. This is nothing but 21 minutes of bland power chording, mindless drumming, monotonous vocals, and a complete lack of structure.

One of the three annoying aspects to this overlong song would have to be that the guitarist is doing nothing more than simple power chords. Let me state it right now, there are absolutely no riffs in this song, also if you like melodies in your music look elsewhere, because they’re not in here either. The guitarist plays the same low tuned chord over and over and over, and after you hear this for the first five minutes or so you’ll realize that this will be going on for about another 15 minutes, and you’ll want to listen to something else of how bored you get.

The second most annoying part would hands down be the drumming. It’s nothing but an overload of awful snare rape and fast beats. Sometime in the song, about six minutes or so in if I’m correct, the snare is the only drum hit for about two-four minutes while its being hit off tempo compared to the guitar. Sometimes it’s being hit faster than the guitar is playing, and sometimes it’s played much slower. But the fact is that he does nothing but snare for a few minutes. Who taught this guy how to play drums anyways, Lars Ulrich? On top of the annoying drummer doing maybe three things for the entire song, the drums don’t sound real, they sound like some generic computerized drum program. Having to listen to bland drum beats that sound like their fake for 21 minutes while having the same chord being played over them make this song old and very boring fast.

Jens Kidman is the third most annoying feature to this song (or the band). If you have never heard him sing, them you’re lucky you haven’t. If you have ever heard him sing you know what I’m getting at. For those of you who haven’t before let me explain, he is one of those monotone screamer types where everything that comes out of his mouth in no matter what pitch is the exact same over the harsh screams that will disrupt you whenever you hear them.

What really pisses me off about the whole EP is that in the entire 21 minute running time they don’t bother to try and do anything new or innovative to their music, they just stick with the same sound they have been using for over the past ten years or so. They don’t do anything creative, they don’t do anything innovative, and they haven’t changed their sound much since their first album came out. This song is so repetitive, and so tedious that it’s pathetic. It’s like all they did was copy and paste previous ideas of theirs into one overlong song. I’m really tired after listening to this, and I sure could use a nap.