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Interesting, Influential, Incredible - 95%

Room101, January 10th, 2008

Yeah, twenty one minutes. I know what you're thinking. Immemorable? Hell no. This is actually catchier than some three or four minute songs. Yes, it is inaccessible at times, like even in MP4 format it takes up at least 18MB, compared to the usual 4 or 5, thus taking a lot of portable audio player memory up. But there are great riffs here, not as many as I would have wished for, but there is everything we love Meshuggah for.

Literally. There are fast riffs which occupy the first seven minutes or so, then there are the really heavy crushing riffs for another seven-ish minutes, then you have the newer Meshuggah groove riffs. All of these are seperated by quiet synth/clean guitar parts. The lyrics sheet is about a foot long, firing lyrics and phrases so complex they are almost incomprehensable - which is odd for a band whose main language is Swedish. Nevertheless, the lyrics are nice and apocalyptic, and enjoyable to read.

Onto the song structure. It opends with dual tremolo picking and double bass for a minute and a half, then the whole band goes mental for another thirty seconds. Then it's back to the old skool, with some good thrashy riffs played under the first verse, which is followed by a lead overdub, then another bit of thrashy riffing, and another verse. Then there is a solo, which is really quite crazy (great, because the band's name is derived from the Yiddish word for crazy), followed by a mad blastbeat section. As an interlude, there is some clean guitar, until it bursts into another crazy riff, another verse, and probably the best riff the Swedes ever wrote. Maybe even the best written on more than six strings. Jens yells for a bit more, until the band decides to go into a syncrosized mental tornado that sounds like it's having convulsions. It all goes quiet, and there is now a clever concept which includes a chord played in distortion, followed by the same chord played in a clean tone. They then play some funky apreggios, with fade in notes in the background. In comes some distortion playing the same chords, and then for some plodding, but groovy riffs in typical modern Meshuggah style. One more verse and then an ending, which is drawn out, but I like it all the same.

It is a good song to do homework to, from my experiance. I love the whole conept of "I", it's all so doomy, and fits the apocalyptic theme of the lyrics perfectly. One confusing point, though, on the disc reads the single word "Aj", which is apparently Swedish for "Ouch". Lol Wut?

So, I would definately recommend it for any Meshuggah fan, maybe any open minded metal fan in general, as long as they have room for thoughts and quirkiness. I really like the song, even though I usually abstain from stupidly long songs. It has feeling, and is quite influential I must say.