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Destroy and Erase This Album - 20%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 12th, 2003

I don't understand why people like these guys, all this album is, is a bunch of dudes trying to act tuff and play heavy music as heavy as they can forgetting that good song writing is needed to make good music. I mean, don't get me wrong, if these guys were in a tuff guy contest, they would win, I mean there so tuff! Just listen to their music, they are so tuff they don't even need to learn how to play their instruments well, learn how to write songs, play melodies, riffs, solo's, drum fills, and bass lines! Oh and I almost forgot....they don't even need to learn how to sing they are so tuff, they can just scream into the microphone because they are tuff guys and no one is going to tell them they are horrible mucisians.

Serisoly though, this album is quite horrible, perhaps Meshuggah (what a stupid band name) has gotten better since this recording, as of now I haven't heard their new stuff. The first thing that is horrible on this album is perhaps the biggest problem, is the songwriting. Most every song starts out with this crappy noise, then some powercord guitar repeated over and over again, their is practically no structure to be found on this album. I heard maybe one or two solo's. The band sounds like they are all playing different songs at the same time, very in choherant and unstructured.

The guitars are just repeated power cords, no riffs, few solo's, and way to distorted, they sound like noise most of the time. Then other times Meshuggah attemps to be melodic, but that just sucks....they do do that better though.

The vocals sound like the singer is panicing, or being tortured and screaming nonsense, absolutly horrible. The vocals are by far the worst sounding part of this album, and thats saying alot since the guitars are quite horrible and its hard to imagine whats worse than them.

The drums are random as hell, no sctructure to them, and often sound like they have nothing to do with the rest of the music and songs. Is there a bass?????

This is defintaly the worst heavy/metalcore album I have ever heard. The only advice I can give to these guys is to destroy and erase this album, and Improve your sound. I pity all those who like this and own this album. I would give this album a zero, but there are one or two parts which it redeems itself for about 3 seconds, so I will give it some points.