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Despite monotony, it's quite memorable - 87%

Stoom, February 19th, 2007

Meshuggah is one of those bands who get a crap-load of praise and a crap-load of criticism by metalheads. Meshuggah's second album, "Destroy Erase Improve" shows exactly what Meshuggah is about: Heavy, technical, robotic riffs, and inhuman barks and growls, with subtle, yet powerfully difficult, drumming.

This album created that formula, and it is their thrashiest album while still be insanely technical. From the start off song, "Future Breed Machine" to the last song "Sublevels" and the calm, jazzy interlude "Acrid Placidity" Meshuggah shows off its technical prowess. Metalheads claim that Meshuggah's songs all sound the same, while this may be true from some of the filler tracks on this album, FBM, Soul Burn, Acrid Placidity, Suffer in Truth, and Sublevels all stand out.

Although the other tracks may be filler, they do not detract from the importance of this album. "DEI" is an album that cannot be copied, not even by Meshuggah themselves. It hits you in such a way that you find yourself saying, "Wow, what did I just experience?". Whether you like the album or not is a completely different story, but you cannot override its importance to the fledgling half-thrash scene.