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33 Degree Tech Supremacy - 89%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Meshuggah is simply in a class by themselves. They approach their songwriting from a purely artistic standpoint, paying no heed to bouandries and generalizations. This approach works wonderfully for the band on the group's latest effort "Catch Thirtythree."

Certainly, Meshuggah are not for everyobody. It's necessary to be able to appreciate broader ideas in music than the standard verse chorus verse fare that so often rears it's sometimes ugly head. The music of Meshaggah is a maze-like process, whether the group is slamming through bottom heavy musical math exercises or engaging in tonal experimentations in resonation. You'll also find more about this group that deviates from the norm other than heir abstract tonal qualities. The band completely throws out the three minute thirty second songwriting patterns that make it so easy for some listeners to follow the action. On the first three songs, "Autonomy Lost", "Imprint Of The Unsaved" and "Disenchantment" you'll find each being very similar one- minute pieces of the same musical puzzle, only Mesuggah drifts about a touch here and there, if you're listening closely.

A buzzing guitar riff winds out the third cut and introduces the fourth as the group launches into the disjointed, mid-tempoed "The Paradoxial Spiral", a track that imparts a feeling of detuned vertigo. As the group morphs between Voivod themed spaciness and algebratic trippiness. The space adventure continues into "Mind's Mirrors", a sci-fi flavored intermission that finds Mesuggah providing a cosmic canvass that makes things all the more interesting when the group re-launch into the syrupy "In Death - Is Life". This two minute piece is intended to be a relavant counterpart to the following track, the "In Life - Is Death", a thirteen minute plus exercise in surrealistic thought provocation.

For those out there that would call Meshuggah boring, you're not listening to the same record or you're simply not listening at all. For metalheads that are craving departure from trends, patterns and standards, "Catch Thirtythree" will leave you with exactly that which you are seeking. Enigmatticaly original, Meshuggah are original without question and certainly, one of the most potent forces in all of the world of metal.