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Devastating. - 85%

analog_winter, June 10th, 2013

This is one of my favorite doom recordings of all time. Despite the fact that it is only one 12 minute song, there are few releases that match the emotional intensity of “Spawn of a Lower Star.” The song is comprised of melancholic funeral doom riffs layered over droning chords, as well as a short section of raw/atmospheric black metal. And the riffs here are really what make the song. They weave together over the course of the song to create an atmosphere of despair that reaches its peak with the final, devastating & powerful riff, which nearly brings me to tears listen after listen. The vocals on this track range from your standard growls found in most funeral doom, to very emotional, high-pitched shrieks. The balancing of these vocal styles across different parts of the song works really well, however, at times, they are too low in the mix (especially the growls), buried in the muddy, droning, bass & rhythm guitar parts.

The only significant complaint I have about this release would be the production. It is listenable, but I think the song could shine through better if it wasn’t quite as raw. The lead guitar and vocals are at times too quiet compared to the rhythm guitar and bass. However, overall this isn’t too much of an issue, as it definitely could be worse. Overall I highly recommend this tape (if you can find a copy), especially to fans of bands like Asunder.