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Meressin - The Baphomet's call - 70%

UlfNylin, September 14th, 2011

Meressin are definitely not newcomers since they have been around since 1993 and have released five releases plus this re-release of "The Baphomet's Call" that was originally released back 1996 by Bomba Records. I've never heard of this band before, though so I had expectations before I put this cd on. Meressin comes from Lithuania and might not really be what we at Funeral March normally would review. Meressin fits much better in the same fold as the older (90's era) thrash/heavy metal bands (Celtic Frost comes to mind at times when listening to Meressin), although you can sense a black metal "atmosphere" hanging over the music.

While listening to this, it feels kind of like a "blast from the past" and I also get a feeling of nostalgia listening to this although I was pretty young back when this band started. They are without any doubt good musicians, especially the bass player that you actually make out from the rest of the instruments which is nice for a change. My favourite moments on this cd would probably be the instrumental tracks, especially the track "The Abyss" which also has a bit of keyboard (which can be heard on a couple of the other songs as well). It's fairly melodic though, so if you're a fan of constant blasts and buzz saw riffing, then this is nothing for your ears.

I decided to go and look up some more info about this band and by the looks of it it seems that this band is pretty inactive since there only seems to be one member left in the band and nothing has really happened since they released their most previous release (apart from this re-release) entitled "Alkis" (if you're Swedish you might find that title somewhat amusing. I sure did) back in 2001.

This album will probably appeal the most to people that heard the first issue of this release back in 1996 and want to get a hold of the re-released cd version with the re-mastered sound quality, a bonus track, and new cover art or to those who are into the early mid-90's heavy/thrash metal with hints of black metal blended together.


(Originally featured in Funeral March, issue 1)