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Failure. - 35%

Corimngul, November 8th, 2006

’Merendine Atomiche’ is a long-time thrash metal band from Italy, whose name translates as ‘atomic sneaks’. But except for the name, and the fact that there are three Lucas in the band, there’s not much worth remembering.

Somehow their mix of Metallica (they started out as a Metallica tribute band), Sepultura (which isn’t as pronounced on this release), Annihilator (Jeff Waters actually provided some solos in Game Over, and they are some of the most tasteful elements in this compote) and senseless lyrics in bad English appear new, new in the sense it’s no absolute rip-off, and new as the proportions in the mix are different.

What would be needed, but just doesn’t exist in Merendine Atomiche’s music, is something interesting. A good portion of each song just never gets anywhere; both the breaks within the songs and, in deed, the very songs are too long for their own good and many of the verses is, apart from the vocals, pretty much without content. Perhaps the somewhat flat production has dehydrated riffs and bass lines too an extent, but the band is definitely not without blame.

Anders Lundemark (Konkhra) is helping out with vocals on one track (Revenge), but he’s far from filling the void of indifference to Merendine Atomiche’s desperate attempts at heaviness. Their less desperate songs though, mainly the mostly melodic The Spirit of Wolf, works a bit better – because they aren’t good enough at blasting on and delivering madness all the time, so a little variation makes it all so much more interesting.